9-9:05 name tags/attendance/hand out coolers and fill them (officers)

9:15-9:30 talk in room about probation and rules (Rangel) I will call out our probs so they know.

9:30-noon (with water breaks) march to field with instruments
20 min. work out with Jose
20 min run,
review audition camp stuff (pit goes to band room to work)
teach 8×5, 6×5, 12×5
11:45ish excuse for lunch, probs stay to run their laps

1-3PM music
1PM sectionals: section leaders test all members from memory, then work to memorize
1:30-2:30PM with coaches: McCarley with low brass and bass, Blast guy Zak with trumpets, Rangel with saxes/cla, Regina with flutes/pit, Teri with the line
2:30-2:45 learn to read coordinate sheets in room
2:45-3 running for people who don’t have it memorized, bonding for others

3-3:15 leadership meeting and debrief