Band Boosters

Fundraising For The Band

To become a GHS Band Booster, simply print out the form and fill it out, send a check to school with your child. Be sure to write, Band Booster in the memo. Have you child bring the check to the student store and then bring the receipt to Ms Rangel.

Band Booster Form

What is the role of the Band Boosters


What is the role of the Band Boosters

The GHS Band Boosters support the Instrumental Music Program by assisting in ¬†fundraising ¬†for the entire music program so that Ms Rangel has the funds that she needs to promote a first rate music education experience. The school district does what it can but the needs are great and we need the entire community to pitch in and help. We don’t interfere with the decisions of the the band director and we leave all educational decisions to her. We simply help raise funds for Ms Rangel to spend.

We also assist Ms Rangel whenever requested in light administrative duties (photocopying, organizing music, etc) transportation arrangements, snacks etc. We serve at the pleasure of the Band Director.

Why Fundraise So Much?

As we mentioned the School District does what it can to support the music program but it takes the community in partnership with the school district to make sure that the music program thrives.

We raise money to help with the cost of

  • new instrument acquisition
  • instrument repairs
  • music coaches
  • music festivals
  • transportation to events
  • sheet music
  • reeds
  • marching band uniforms
  • mouthpieces
  • and so much more.

Why We Fundraise